No matter how big or small your company, every modern business needs a unique visual identity that is instantly recognisable as you!

Logo Design

A good logo will do a number of important things for your business. It should be simple & versatile.

Simple logo’s are great at conveying your companies identity at a glance & should be designed so that they work really well when used on different applications that range dramatically in size, such as large print formats to tiny mobile phone app or web icons.

Our talented graphic artists are among the best logo designers that the industry has to offer. They have the ability to fully understand a business’ brand & USP, which enables them to develop a unique visual identity & design a fantastic logo that perfectly fits the companies brief. 

Recent Client Case Study

Below is logo design that we have been working on recently.

The Brief:
Design a logo for a new online store, “Mystique Handbags“.

The online store supply a large variety of bags & accessories that range from designer Italian leather handbags to more affordable fashion bags, rucksacks & luggage.

The companies owner strongly suggested that the logo should convey the “plush” side of the business & show off the high end products more than the affordable ones, as this was the direction that they ultimately wanted to take the company in the future. 

Below is a breakdown of some of the steps we took in order to create their final logo.

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The Concept

The Consultation

We discussed the business with the client. This was to determine what concepts they wanted to portray within their logo.

Our Ideas

The Process

- Pencil & Paper Sketches
- Digital Drawings
- Refined Ideas
- Final Logo Design

The Final Logo

The elegant, modern design of the final logo fulfills the brief perfectly. We really love it & most importantly, the client does too!

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