If you type this question into Google, you will get a vast number of articles listed that all explain why every business needs to have it’s own website.

It’s clear to see that it’s not just our experts who believe that every business needs a website. Web professionals from across the globe think the exact same way as we do too.

The importance of having a website!

Having your own business website is a great opportunity to make a first impression that counts.

Your own business website gives people piece of mind & confidence that you are a legitimate company, they can trust.

Showcasing your companies brand to potential customers or clients is very important. By far the most effective way to do this, is through your own business website.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a website that has no restrictions or limitations & you will be extremely proud to call your own?

Why A Website?

Company Credibility

One of the best ways to give your business credibility is for it to have it’s own website.

It’s almost certain that there are plenty of other business’ out there that offer services very similar to yours. Many of these business’ will already be utilising the great features that having their own website brings. 

Owning your own great looking website that clearly conveys information to your visitors is also a great way to promote your business, in a much more professional way than on social media.

Establishing a Brand Identity

Being able to clearly showcase who you are & promote your own particular brand, is something that having your own business website can achieve for you.

Emphasising your own brand through a business website clearly sets you apart from your competitors.

Without your own company website, establishing your unique brand is very difficult to do. Social media platforms simply don’t have the same effect of promoting your brand, that your own website does.

Generating Genuine Leads

Your own business website gives you the opportunity of increasing the number of genuine leads.

Studies have shown that when people search for a service or business on Google, they are far more likely to buy or pay for a service than if they found it via a social media post or advert.

This type of positive lead generation can only be generated via the use of your own website & is a lot more likely to produce much better results than social media adverts.

It’s far more productive to have the user find your business “under their own steam”, rather than being coaxed into clicking an advert or link for something that they never really had a genuine interest in, in the first place.

Interesting Website Facts

Below are some statistics about websites that are well worth looking at.

Press a card to reveal it’s content



75% of consumers say they’ll form an opinion about a companies credibility, based purely on it's website.



81% of consumers trust information found on a website's blogs.

Global Users

Global Users

The average global internet user spends 6 hours & 43 minutes online every day.

Global Users

Global Users

The average global internet user spends 6 hours & 43 minutes online every day.

Google Search

Google Search

The average internet user conducts 3 to 4 Google searches each day.

Google Search

Google Search

The average internet user conducts 3 to 4 Google searches each day.

Contact Information

Contact Information

64% of people want contact information to be readily available on a business website.

Online Retail

Online Retail

One in four people will continue to shop online at least once a week.

What If I Use Facebook?

Trends don't last forever

The online trend in recent years is for many small business to use social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram to promote their business.

The trend of using social media to promote your business took off in such a huge way because of the massive popularity that Facebook & other social media platforms gained among individuals. It was a natural progression for these types of platform to be become great business tools too.

Has the social bubble burst?

Many business owners are now finding it increasingly difficult to use Facebook as promotional tool.

A lot of people are reporting that they no longer get the same amount of customers & clients they used to get from Facebook. This is down to the numerous limitations & restrictions that Facebook have put in place over the past few years.

Relying solely on Facebook or any other social media platform for that matter, to promote your business, is defiantly not a good idea. Having said that, social media has a lot of benefits that should be taken advantage of.

Social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram have a unique place & should definitely still be used to promote your business. However, your business’ social media accounts & website should work in harmony together.

Utilising the best of what the web has to offer is what every company should always be looking to do. Having your own business website & social media accounts working together, is by far the most productive online thing, any business can do.

In conclusion, the social bubble will never completely burst. But, if companies are going to use the internet to it’s full potential, social media will always have to share the limelight with “good old fashioned websites!

Benefits Of Having Your Own Website

Below are some more reasons why your business will benefit from having it’s own website.

It’s easy for anyone to create a company page on Facebook. It doesn’t cost anything & can be done in no time at all.

On the other hand, having a professional website developed is not free & shows that you’re serious about your business.

Therefore, a business website makes you look more professional, credible & trustworthy.

While review website’s can be a good resource for social proof, the best place for people to get more information about your business is from your own website.

Displaying customer & client testimonials on your own website is a great way to establish trust & social proof with new users.

One of the best ways to attract more customers or clients is to make yourself more visible on Google & the other major search engines.

Although social media networks are indexed on search engines, having your own website opens up a number of tools & strategies that you can use to your advantage.

There are many different types of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques that can be used to effectively get your website up the search engine listings & found by many potential new customers & clients.

Remember! – Not everyone uses social media.

There are so many more interesting ways that you can display the information on your own business website over any social media platform.

The web designers here at Breadcrumbs are adept at creating bespoke website layouts that allow you to feature your products & services in many engaging ways. 

Your unique website design will be made so that it perfectly suits the style of your business. This is something that no social media platform allows you to do.

With a professional website at your disposal, you will have many more avenues to explore as far as being found by lots more potential customers or clients goes.

Using your own business website along side social media will certainly help your business reach it’s full potential.

A website created by us will stand the test of time & continue to operate just as effectively for many years to come.

Adverts & posts on social media only last as long as you are paying for them to run.

In very little time at all, a business website made by us can give a company the best return on investment when compared to the ongoing cost of social media’s promotional use.

Having your own website means that you are in complete control of what content you want to display & how.

There are no restrictions or limitations & you have total freedom to do whatever you want with your own website.

With your own professional website, comes the opportunity to have your own business e-mail address.

Similarly to using free social media accounts instead of your own website, having your business use it’s own name as it’s e-mail address, appears so much more professional than when companies use one of the free services like Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook.

This does not mean that you have to abandon the email address that you have used & gotten used to for years.

If you prefer, your new business email address can be made so that emails sent to it, will automatically get forwarded to the email address that you use all the time.

Your own business website will contain all the important information that your customers or client’s need.

Including this information will help people & improve the overall customer experience. 

It will also alleviate the need for site visitors to call you about simple things like location & opening hours.

A website of your own allows you to embed Google Maps directly into it’s content.

This means that people will find you a lot easier than if you just had your address & postcode listed.

The website we make for you will have a content management system (CMS) & simple to use dashboard.

If you can use Microsoft Word, you will easily be able to edit, update & manage the content of the website we make for you.

If thinking that having a page on Facebook is good enough for you to maintain long term success, we strongly suggest that you have a re-think.

According to Facebook themselves, it’s users are now spending 100’s of millions less hours on their platform than they did only four years ago.

This is why many companies are investing in building their own website instead of relying on social media.

Although social media networks still have great marketing potential, relying on them alone may just be a huge mistake. If this is what you are currently doing, it is almost certainly costing your business money.

Now may be the right time for you to look into getting your own business website.

Final Thoughts

Websites are an essential tool that should be fully explored & used by every business today.

Companies that don’t have a website are are not taking advantage of what the internet has to offer, therefore, not exploring the full potential of their business.

If you business does not have it’s own website, it is most certainly losing out to your competitors who have!